Blasting off to CAST 2010

It’s my first outing to CAST this year. CAST has been on my wish list for a couple of years now, but with moving countries, raising kids, and earning a living I’ve found it hard to make it. This year I decided no more excuses, it was time to go. As well as wanting to […]

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Softtest Talk on Automated Testing in Agile Environment

Softtest Ireland does a great job of holding free talks for software testers in Ireland. They held a talk yesterday on the following: Automated Testing & Development in an Agile Environment The two speakers were: Sebastien Lambla from CaffeineIT is a “developer passionate about all things Agile” . He spoke about “In the life of […]


How many 70’s references can you pick up?

OK, I’m really not one to get into bragging, but I just can’t help tell you all about this one, because I am so excited! I’ve been asked to be a weekly contributor to (QTT to those in the know). I feel, honored, excited and challenged. Honored: I get to post along side people […]