Pre Software Testing Checklist for Startups

This type of work is often overlooked in the eagerness to get the testing started. If you want you’re software testing to start on time and keeping within budget than completing this software testing checklist is essential.

50 Beta Testers. Not enough, or better than most?

Two software testers talked about the Joe Stump story this week.  One was Elizabeth Hendrickson and the other UTest.  The two attitudes to the same story are very different. Let me compare two of the views: First Elizabeth Hendrickson “Problem #2: Thinking that “50 Beta Testers” and “200 Unit Tests” Constitutes Exhaustive Testing Having beta […]

Black and White and Red all over….

As I was reading it, I felt a mixture of pride, satisfaction and surprise. I didn’t realise I could write so well….maybe it’s to do with the fact its a published article, or maybe its because the self satisfaction is putting a rosy tint on the whole thing. I don’t know….I don’t really care.
Now leave me alone whilst I bask in my halo of self content…..

Software Testing & Startups Talk in Dublin and Belfast

If anyone is interested there will be a softtest event this month (May) in Dublin and Belfast. I am giving a talk on software testing and startups. Here’s the abstract Software Testing in the world of Start Ups This presentation offers a glimpse into software testing in the world of startups. It looks at the […]

Better than Beta? You Betcha!

I ashamed to say that until recently I bought into this misconception. Its only when I started doing some research into beta testing, that I discovered the amount of work and effort it took to. So I’m doing a Mythbuster session.