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What drives your learning?

What drives people to take up my offer of free Skype coaching? Most testers when asked give on of the following reasons: 1) they want to pass an exam 2) They are having difficulty at work and need to get over some particular obstacle 3) They want to test themselves 4) They want a particular […]

Exploratory Testing insight

An affidavit of sorts

The last three months I’ve worked specifically with the goal of my testers taking responsibility for their work. I’m a strong believer that each person is responsible for their own lives. I try to ¬†live by it and I expect others to do the same. Its one of the reasons why I endorse and believe […]

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All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey..

It was my birthday recently, and I got a brand new Digital SLR as a present. Now my expertise on photography goes as far as knowing that DSLR stands for Digital SLR. Say no more.¬† Having this camera though, now means I can’t blame bad photos on the equipment. In Ireland at the moment, its […]