Exploratory Testing

Beware the Lotus Eaters

I wrote a feature article for Logigear Magazine February Edition entitled Beware the Lotus Eaters. I really enjoyed writing this article, I hope you get something out of it. Beware the Lotus Eaters Oh, and thanks James Bach for reviewing it for me!

Training User Group

Dublin Software Testing Automation Morning

I went to the Softtest Software Testing User Group networking session last night. About 10 erstwhile software testers gathered together on a wet and windy night to discuss how to help software testers in Dublin. We had some great discussions, a lot around automation tools, but also on the topic of up-skilling at little or […]


Back To Basics: Automated Testing

Automating parts of testing has always existed since people have tested software. In my early days of testing the concept of separating testing into manual and automated testing never really existed. Well not where I worked anyhow. We tested, and sometimes we used tools to help us test. In conformance testing we used protocol analysers […]