Bizcamp Talk

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I gave a talk at Bizcamp this year on how to get the most out of your software testing. This was an interesting challenge as the I wasn’t speaking to software testers but developers. How could I help developers and small companies test better? I decided to go down the path of identifying typical traps […]

Changing the Goal Posts

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I got a chance to watch some Gaelic Football recently as my two sons have started playing hurling and gaelic football.  Hurling is a fairly ferocious sport where everyone goes for the ball with hands and sticks. Gaelic Football gives the appearance of being a far kinder sport. However, the Australian version (aka Aussie Rules), […]

Black and White and Red all over….

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As I was reading it, I felt a mixture of pride, satisfaction and surprise. I didn’t realise I could write so well….maybe it’s to do with the fact its a published article, or maybe its because the self satisfaction is putting a rosy tint on the whole thing. I don’t know….I don’t really care.
Now leave me alone whilst I bask in my halo of self content…..