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I am the Queen of Defocus

I remember the day I earned the self acclaimed title of Queen of Defocus. I had been testing for about 3 years and had been hired as the *only* tester in an R&D lab of about thirty engineers. I also happened to be the only female engineer at the time, so I was Queen of […]

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Mary Mary Quite Contrary…

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,How does your garden grow?With silver bells, and cockle shells,And pretty maids all in a row. Its an old english rhyme that goes eons back. In fact, its actual meaning is disputed over time. Meaning change over time, don’t they? A bit like quality I guess. Closer to today, in the early 1990’s […]

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Benefits of Software Testing

Looking at the benefits of software testing from a business perspective can be quite a challenge if your a blue-hat, IT type of person as I am. To sell testing effectively though, its helpful to view testing from the perspective of the person who ultimately gets to make the decisions.

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The value of a software testing process

Does a software testing process provide a best approach to testing? Coming from a background in engineering I have always been a firm believer in the benefits of a sold and dependable testing process which includes test planning, design, building, execution and reporting. So, how come I find it hard to convince others of its […]

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The right people for the right job

My first ever blog post about trying to get non software testers to perform software testing. Little did I know what lay ahead!