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Creating a Culture of Quality

The Startup Culture Working as a startup is fun. It’s an ecosystem of bubbling hope one minute, deepest despair the next. You pivot so often you feel dizzy. The lead time between decision and result is breathtaking in its brevity. You see impact straight away. Love autonomy? Then startup land is for you. But here’s […]

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Keynoting Remotely Selenium Conf 2020

I had the absolute pleasure to be invited to keynote at SeleniumConf 2020 in Bangalore. I had decided in February to talk about test leadership and how to lead through uncertainty. And that was before COVID-19 came on the scene! It’s the first time I’ve spoken ‘live’ online at a conference and it doesn’t come […]

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Outcome over output

I discovered the concept of outcome over output in 2014 through Jenny Mar’s work on OOPSI . This led to Teresa Torres awesome work on outcomes and opportunity This blog post is tagged #qualityhack. A quality hack reminds us not to get overly precious about quality. I know, sounds like heretic talk right? But hear […]

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The Software Mechanic

Having explained the role of a software tester to a non IT person they replied: So it’s like I’m taking my car to a garage to get serviced by a mechanic and all that the mechanic does is to find everything that needs to be fixed, tell me and walks away? The Software Mechanic To […]

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Good Enough (Perfectly Applied)

This is a series of blogs posts tagged quality hack. Quality Hack is a phrase I’ve coined to emphasise the importance of focusing on delivering “good enough” software, and embracing the cult of imperfection. If you wish to contribute a post, contact me either on twitter, by comment below, or email Recovering Perfectionist I’m […]