Female CTO/CIO Meetup in Sydney

Raising Female Technology Leaders

I was invited to a panel discussion by Roisin Parkes alongside  Rohan Smith (Technology Leader  – Optiver), Owen Senior (CTO – Ansarada) and Wendy Glasgow (CTO – OFX) in a Launch of the Female CTO/CIO Meetup in Sydney The mission statement for this group is: To change the ratio of female to male technology leaders from 1:10 (currently […]

agnostic testing quality at pace - copyright charrett

Agnostic Testing – Do you believe?

For a while now, the concept of ‘release’ has seemed perfunctory to me. I remember the first moment when the thought hit me. It was over 10 years ago and agile was gaining traction as the method of software delivery.  We were releasing to a two-week cadence As the test manager, part of my role […]

Metrics, T-shirts and Quality Engineering

I got up early to give an AMA on Quality Engineering with those fabulous people at Ministry of Testing. Turns out when you say Ask Me Anything (AMA)- it really does mean that. My favourite question is – what *is* that on your t-shirt? Well, there’s a story on that. A while ago I had […]

How to avoid being fooled in software testing

As software testers, our role is to avoid being fooled by many things. For instance, we try to avoid being fooled by the product, what people believe they understand, what many insist is the ‘right or wrong way’ to test. To avoid being fooled we often challenge our assumptions or the team’s assumptions of what we know. Here are some other ways we can avoid being fooled. 

Coaching Testing Model

Free Online Coaching on software testing

I’m offering free online coaching sessions on software testing for anyone who wants them. Just sign up here https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=13321671

bad ass tester mavericktester

Badass Tester Marshmallow

When Keith worked at Barclays he held me up as the pinnacle of what a badass tester was. I found this funny as only the other week I had been called a marshmallow and so the phrase ‘badass tester marshmallow’ was born.  Why was I given the name ‘badass tester’?  You’ll have to listen to the […]

A different perspective on Boundary Testing

The book ‘Boundaries after a pathological relationship‘ by Adele Birch has a load of practical advice on boundaries in relationships. As Trish Khoo who recommended it to me said: “even if you don’t think you’ve had a pathological relationship, this is a good guide to setting and enforcing personal boundaries”, and it is. It’s full of […]

Quality and the Toyota Production Model

I saw this tweet the other day prompting this post on quality, visualisation and quality at pace.  Don’t worry @Tracey_san, I am not going to tweet the entire book. “The Toyota Engagement Equation.” #lean pic.twitter.com/9jQBXBPMt6 — Mark Graban (@MarkGraban) August 3, 2017 Understanding Quality “Quality is value to some person” is a Jerry Weinberg quote emphasising […]