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Whose moved my risk?

We know quality is ‘value to some person’, so it stands to reason that risk is also subjective. If we use risk as a factor to determine what to test, then how you test, what you test and your testing strategy will evolve and change. Is it though? Think of testing within your organisation as […]

Black Box Testing

Black Box Testing

Shallow Testing and Deep Testing seem unhelpful terms to anyone outside of software testing. What do you think?

Software Testers: Simply the best (BoB series)

Software Tester’s are a rare breed. We perform a role that can be difficult and not always fully appreciated or recognised. We are often the sceptic on the team, raising difficult questions when no one wants to hear them. We discover unplanned work, we question design, we uncover ambiguity.   It’s not always an easy role. […]

BOB series: Shallow Testing gets a bad wrap

In my Exploratory Testing class, I talk about shallow and deep exploration. When you say the word exploratory testing, many think, ‘just playing around’ on the product. And to some extent that’s true, a good true. So when I talked about shallow exploration it seemed to fit. Different from deep exploration where a systematic approach is […]

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Blogging on the Bus: An imperfect series

I have more draft blog posts than published and I have a lot of ideas I want to write about. I’ve challenging myself to write short imperfect blog posts that I can write on my bus trip to work. That’s about an hour. They will be rough and not edited but hopefully, you will get […]

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Observability meet Qualtability

Observability, colloquially known as 011y, meet Qualtability (also answers to q10y). For those of you new to my blog, My name is Anne-Marie Charrett (@charrett on twitter). I’m a quality engineer by trade, a software tester by craft. I’ve always been passionate about pulling things apart to figure out how they work.I was always the one […]

How Tech Does Quality 13th June Canva Anne-Marie Charrett TestingTimes

How Tech Does Quality

Ever wondered How Tech does Quality? What are their strategies when it comes to Quality and Testing? How do they increase speed to market without compromising on quality? Why not come and join me and a panel of Sydney Tech Leaders on the 13th June 2018 at the Canva Office to find out? Tickets cost […]

Female CTO/CIO Meetup in Sydney

Raising Female Technology Leaders

I was invited to a panel discussion by Roisin Parkes alongside  Rohan Smith (Technology Leader  – Optiver), Owen Senior (CTO – Ansarada) and Wendy Glasgow (CTO – OFX) in a Launch of the Female CTO/CIO Meetup in Sydney The mission statement for this group is: To change the ratio of female to male technology leaders from 1:10 (currently […]

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Agnostic Testing – Do you believe?

For a while now, the concept of ‘release’ has seemed perfunctory to me. I remember the first moment when the thought hit me. It was over 10 years ago and agile was gaining traction as the method of software delivery.  We were releasing to a two-week cadence As the test manager, part of my role […]

Metrics, T-shirts and Quality Engineering

I got up early to give an AMA on Quality Engineering with those fabulous people at Ministry of Testing. Turns out when you say Ask Me Anything (AMA)- it really does mean that. My favourite question is – what *is* that on your t-shirt? Well, there’s a story on that. A while ago I had […]