Benefits of a software testing club

I’ve discovered Rosie Sherry’s excellent software testing club at Its great because you can setup your own local group and since I live in Australia I set up one for the ANZACS. I think we need a logo or picture though? Anyone any ideas? my two (aussie) cents for the day….

The value of a software testing process

Does a software testing process provide a best approach to testing? Coming from a background in engineering I have always been a firm believer in the benefits of a sold and dependable testing process which includes test planning, design, building, execution and reporting. So, how come I find it hard to convince others of its […]

Kid in a sweet shop

I have the dream job at the moment …. I think. I’ve been asked to create a testing methodology for a company that wants to implement a software testing processe. Fantastic! I thought to myself, just what I’ve always wanted to do. So I busily set about talking to people and finding out what they […]

The right people for the right job

I want to share my ideas on software testing. Software testing is in my blood, which a lot of people are really happy about because then they don’t have to test or test as much anyhow. To be perfectly honest, thats how I like it. My soapbox topic this week to my client has been […]