How to kickstart a freelance software testing project

Starting a freelance software testing project is similar in many ways to any other project. It requires rigorous planning, well thought out tests, and excellent communication. As a freelancer however, you may feel more responsible in making sure that your client is happy with your work. This way, you have a better chance of getting […]

Reality bites

Who doesn’t love the internet? As a small business owner of a software testing consultancy, its a great way to promote myself along side the bigger companies. However, I’m discovering the major minus side to promoting on the internet. That is, its too absorbing. I can’t resist reading those cursed google stats every day. I […]

Take the Test…

Want to review your software testing process? Here are some guidelines that I use to review a company’s test process. Stakeholder support Before examining software testing in detail, assess your financial and managerial support. Any good review exposes shortcomings and to act on these changes will require good managerial and financial support. One way of […]

The pure joy of innovation…

I went along to a networking event last night, run by the Innovic – in Melbourne. A great event and that wasn’t just the cocktails! I got the opportunity to meet interesting people involved in all aspects of innovation in Melbourne. I think every once in a while its good to get your head […]

How low do you go?

A survey* sponsored by the Australian Computer Society, found the following percentage allocation for software testing: 5% allocate more than 40% of the initial development budget to testing 25% allocate between 10 -19% of the initial development budget to testing 25% allocate between 20 – 29% of the initial development budget to testing 14% allocate […]

Sustainable software testing

Its time to expand our traditional view of a software testing scope and to start including the word sustainability into software testing. Up to this point, areas of focus have been functionality, performance, maintainability, security, usability etc. As customers become energy conscious, a focus on sustainability will become more important. Some ‘sustainable’ test heuristics could […]

Getting ROI from your freelance software tester

Development houses have a right to expect a lot from a freelance tester. Firstly, without the endless budget of some larger companies, they can ill afford time and money caused by improper scoping and testing. Secondly, they have recognised the advantage of having an independent review of the product and that in its own right […]

Software Test Templates – scoping out your tests

I wrote a blog recently “the value of a software testing process” in which I questioned the traditional benefits of software test scripts based on the re-use and repeatability theory. My approach to any rapid change software development is to make a some basic assumptions 1) The code is going to change quickly 2) The […]

Benefits of Software Testing

Looking at the benefits of software testing from a business perspective can be quite a challenge if your a blue-hat, IT type of person as I am. To sell testing effectively though, its helpful to view testing from the perspective of the person who ultimately gets to make the decisions. So here goes!The way I […]

Benefits of a software testing club

I’ve discovered Rosie Sherry’s excellent software testing club at Its great because you can setup your own local group and since I live in Australia I set up one for the ANZACS. I think we need a logo or picture though? Anyone any ideas? my two (aussie) cents for the day….