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The Scab Picker

As I child I received the usual number of knocks and bumps, cuts and the inevitable scabs that grew as my body healed itself. I enjoyed nothing more than spending time picking away at these scabs. I wanted to explore and uncover, pick and observe in fascinating as the pink flesh repaired itself. To this […]

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Creating a Culture of Quality

The Startup Culture Working as a startup is fun. It’s an ecosystem of bubbling hope one minute, deepest despair the next. You pivot so often you feel dizzy. The lead time between decision and result is breathtaking in its brevity. You see impact straight away. Love autonomy? Then startup land is for you. But here’s […]

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Questions over Answers

Growing up, I remember listening to Bob Dylan on the radio with perplexment. He would sing: “the answer my friend is blowing in the wind” To a twelve year old, this made little sense. How could wind, something invisible, fluid and uncontrollable provide any solution, any answer? And because the world was way too exciting, […]

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Look for the helpers

The Len’s of Helpers is helping me do that. By focusing on those who move forward who work to build and to help, there is a path forward. We build the path together, not ignoring our differences, but respecting them and seeing how they can complement each other.

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Good Enough (Perfectly Applied)

This is a series of blogs posts tagged quality hack. Quality Hack is a phrase I’ve coined to emphasise the importance of focusing on delivering “good enough” software, and embracing the cult of imperfection. If you wish to contribute a post, contact me either on twitter, by comment below, or email Recovering Perfectionist I’m […]