Get out your tin whistles

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At last after a year of wrangling, shuffling and even some pleading Michael Bolton in association with Testing Times is coming Dublin to give his wonderful Rapid Software Testing Course. Not that Michael needed persuading to come. He jumped at the opportunity. Mostly because he loves giving this course and helping testers well, develop sense. […]

Kids, Kittens and Karma

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Have I ever written about how competitive I am?  Lets just say I like to win. A lot.  Best explained by an example I think. In my heyday I was a bit of a runner. Not a bad one, but not the best and I knew it. My favourite race was the 800 meters,  a […]

Is it Nerdy to Test on the weekend?

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I’m talking about the European Weekend Tester Sessions that have just started up. This was an entirely different kind of testing. The kids were screaming and running in and out of the house as I sat down on my computer on a beautiful and warm Saturday afternoon to join in with a group of people […]

Back To Basics: Automated Testing

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Automating parts of testing has always existed since people have tested software. In my early days of testing the concept of separating testing into manual and automated testing never really existed. Well not where I worked anyhow. We tested, and sometimes we used tools to help us test. In conformance testing we used protocol analysers […]