Exploratory Testing Workshop

Exploratory Testing WorkshopDate: Saturday 20th October Location: Sydney, Australia Cost: $475 per person Overview This very popular one day Exploratory Testing Workshop teaches testers the basics of Exploratory Testing and how to apply it in your testing. It investigates what Exploratory Testing is, examines its benefits and looks at some practical techniques and tools you […]

Courage in Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing takes software testing skill. It also requires the tester be courageous. Let me explain. Exploratory testing is an approach, not a technique. Exploratory Testing is simultaneous learning, design and execution. What information we learn about a product, helps dictate our tests providing us with information that we can share with people around us. […]

BOB series: Shallow Testing gets a bad wrap

In my Exploratory Testing class, I talk about shallow and deep exploration. When you say the word exploratory testing, many think, ‘just playing around’ on the product. And to some extent that’s true, a good true. So when I talked about shallow exploration it seemed to fit. Different from deep exploration where a systematic approach is […]