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Badass Tester Marshmallow

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When Keith worked at Barclays he held me up as the pinnacle of what a badass tester was. I found this funny as only the other week I had been called a marshmallow and so the phrase ‘badass tester marshmallow’ was born.  Why was I given the name ‘badass tester’?  You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out.

I asked Trish Khoo to come up with a design for a T-shirt based on the phrase. Now you can get your very own badass tester marshmallow T-shirt.

Badass Tester Marshmallow T-Shirt

Badass tester marshmallow


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4 thoughts on “Badass Tester Marshmallow

  1. I guess the no bullshit trait runs in the family! Love the podcast Anne-Marie, and I am so lucky to have an amazing role model..

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