A Developer’s Ode to a Tester

Oh tester why dost  thou despair?
The code is right

of this we are aware!

We verify. We know what we do know

No need to doubt and think of all this woe!

Instead be bright and bring us certainty,

Let Done be Done, thus ends this homily!

By Anne-Marie Charrett

Anne-Marie Charrett is an internationally recognized expert in software testing and quality engineering.
She keynotes at international conferences on the topic of Quality, Coaching, and Leadership.
Ex-Head of Engineering at Tyro Payments where she transitioned testers to a quality coaching model
Consultant on Quality Engineering, developer of the quality operating model. Invented and rolled out a consulting model for quality engineering.
Consulting across FinTech, Media, Government, Insurance, Banking & Telco Sectors
Creator and Lecturer of Enterprise Software Testing course at UTS Australia. Co-developed a coaching model aiming to transfer testing skill and know-how using the Socratic method.
B.Eng (Hons) Electronic Engineering (I really am a quality engineer!)
Based in Sydney, Australia works – internationally.

2 replies on “A Developer’s Ode to a Tester”

A Tester’s Ode to a Developer———————————

Oh Developer why does thee so boast?

When we ran your perfect code it turned into toast.

Be sure that of this we do not jest.

Know that you are just like the rest.

We appreciate the work that you provide to us.

As Testers we are assured that our job will always be needed as thus.

So please get back to your keyboard and create a new bug.

Thus ends this friendly plug.

(I was hoping someone would do a response…thanks Jim)

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