Holding the cat by the tail

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I thought Jack Margo’s interview by UTest was very interesting. What caught my eye was the following statement: The days of specialists are mostly killed from the recession…you have to be flexible and know multiple disciplines to exist in today’s dev environment.  In web development alone, you need to be proficient with XML, DHTML, JS, […]

It’s all about the context

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Kem Caner in his post on what is context-driven testing writes on the difference between context-driven and context-aware: “Similarly, some people create standards, like IEEE Standard 829 for test documentation, because they think that it is useful to have a standard to lay out what is generally the right thing to do. This is not […]

A CIO’s pain….a software tester’s gain?

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“In April, the CBA announced it would replace the traditional measurement of IT performance – the service level agreement – with customer feedback reports which impact employee remuneration directly.” so the IT news reports. As a result, CIO Michael Harte accepted a reduced paypacket following a June outage. The full article can be read here […]

YouTrack, a new issue tracking tool

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I noticed that there is a new bug tracking application on the scene. It’s called YouTrack and describes it self as: “web-based, keyboard-centric issue tracker” and “The Fastest Bug and Issue Tracker” “Wow”! Sounds like just the tool for a Maverick Tester!  I’ve been on the hunt for a decent bug tracker for my website, […]