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Sustainable software testing

Its time to expand our traditional view of a software testing scope and to start including the word sustainability into software testing.
Up to this point, areas of focus have been functionality, performance, maintainability, security, usability etc. As customers become energy conscious, a focus on sustainability will become more important.

Some ‘sustainable’ test heuristics could be:

Sustainability: how energy efficient is the application under development?
Peripherals: how well does the application perform using energy efficient peripherals
Monitor:Does the application function properly under “minimal power configuration”
Switching Off: How well does the application function when peripherals are switched off
Virtualization: How well does the software function in a virtual environment
Printing: What alternatives does the application provide to printing (e.g PDF )

By Anne-Marie Charrett

Anne-Marie Charrett is an internationally recognized expert in software testing and quality engineering.
She keynotes at international conferences on the topic of Quality, Coaching, and Leadership.
Ex-Head of Engineering at Tyro Payments where she transitioned testers to a quality coaching model
Consultant on Quality Engineering, developer of the quality operating model. Invented and rolled out a consulting model for quality engineering.
Consulting across FinTech, Media, Government, Insurance, Banking & Telco Sectors
Creator and Lecturer of Enterprise Software Testing course at UTS Australia. Co-developed a coaching model aiming to transfer testing skill and know-how using the Socratic method.
B.Eng (Hons) Electronic Engineering (I really am a quality engineer!)
Based in Sydney, Australia works – internationally.

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